Friday, February 28, 2003

It's getting hot in herre...

Last nite after that good, bad, and ugly special edition of American Idol they had this supposed newsshow "The Pulse." Excuse my skepticism, but I don't think I'd ever turn to FOX for anything informative or serious.

They interviewed Eminem's mom on The Pulse. Personally I think she's cashing in on her son the only way she's able to. Perhaps I'm not giving enough credit to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Slim Shady does overexaggerate the vileness which is his mom. However, in my opinion, there is so much anger in his lyrics that I wouldn't doubt their sincerity. He's obviously really angry. And here she is trying to save face while saying she worries about her son. That's he's miserable and headed into a state of depression.

Maybe he is depressed. Debbie (Em's mom) is hardly the first person he'd turn to for help, though. The interview guy even confronted her with how a bunch of her exes have backed Eminem's accusations of her being a drug addict. Her response? That they're all trying to get on his good side. Why would he be buddy buddy with her ex-lovers? I dunno, I doubted everything she said. That doesn't mean that mother and son will never be reconciled, though. I mean, he reunited with Kim, and she took it pretty bad in his lyrics, too. You never know, that's all I'm gonna say.

Another topic on the show was static fires. This really terrified me, particularly since Calgary is such a cold, dry place in the winter. I mean, my hair left to its own devices would be staticy 24/7 in the dead of winter.

Apparently, if your body is carrying a static charge when you're filling your car up with gas, there's a chance that you may start a fire. Seriously! They even had this scientist do a (controlled) demo at a gas pump.

What happens is that as the car fills up gasoline fumes swirl and hover around the fuel port (where your gas goes into your car, where you stick the nozzle in). As you go to take the pump out of your car there's a possibility that your finger may discharge against the metal of your fuel port, igniting a fire. It's terrifying!

They admit that it is a rare occurrence (I think there were 173 cases of static fires in the US last year) but still warn people about it. Here's the tips I learned on the show:

  1. Chances are, when you step out of your car and reach for the gas pump, you've discharged yourself electrically by making contact with something metal. So now you're safe.

  2. The mistake people make lies in getting back into their car to wait for the gas to finish pumping. (Usually to keep warm in the winter.) It's all your winter clothing (nylon, wool, etc.) rubbing against the upholstery of your car that causes the problem. Now you've gone and charged yourself up again.

  3. As you go to take out the gas pump....poof! The car, the car, the car is on fire! We don't need no water let that mother burn. Burn! Burn, baby, burn! Burn! (Ok, so I shouldn't make jokes, but still.)

  4. Best thing to do if this happens to you is to keep the nozzle in your car where the fire is at least contained. Out of the car, the nozzle turns into a dripping, flaming torch of chaos. You will do more harm than good if you pull out rather than keep it in. Now, how often do you get to hear that? :)

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Lil Mija.

L's gon' give it to ya!

Cradle 2 The Grave opens today. (Warning! It's not at Canyon Meadows like claims) Are you excited? I am.

I so am. Why?

Reason no. 1: Mark Dacascos. I had the biggest crush on this guy back when I saw Only The Strong. Yeah, he's not very famous, but he's still hot and he still does his martial arts thing well. Bonus: He's the big bad guy in this movie. Yeah, babee! Hottie bad guys are sexy. Hopefully he hasn't aged too much. It has been some time since I've seen him in a movie.

Reason no. 2: Jet Li rocks as well. Yeah, he's not terrific eye candy...but it's always beautiful watching him kick some bad-guy butt. Romeo Must Die may not have been the best movie in the world, but that fight scene with Russell Wong (another martial arts hottie) surrounded by fire was golden.

Reason no. 3: DMX. Perhaps not his acting abilities, but more his soundtrack contributions. I love it when he growls. Love it. Plus, the theme song X Gon' Give It To Ya is one of the best songs I've heard for Tae Bo thus far. Granted, with my busted toe I can't do the kicks or jump around or anything. For now I have to settle for punching, and I do that while sitting on my Fit Ball to work on my core a bit more without killing my foot. I love my Fit Ball

Does anybody else feel all nuts when they show that scene where Jet Li is descending a building one story at a time? Letting go of the ledge and dropping to the next one? Set to X Gon' Give It To Ya it fills me with crazy awe.

In a little more than 5 hours this weekend will be off to a great start. Me and the siblings (Weird Kid and Baby Sis) are going out for dinner at Open Sesame. The parents gave us a gift certificate, ain't they sweet? After that we're gonna join up with Spydermonkey and Posie (hopefully) and all catch Cradle 2 The Grave together. The fact that the whole "childhood friends" crew are going to be together tonite fills me with hope that the evening will end with some bubble tea consumption. Yes? Let's hope so. Mmmm....I'm feenin' for some chocolate bubble tea right about now. Perhaps I can't wait. Perhaps I should walk over to Chinatown during my lunch break. Perhaps.

We love you, Vern!

I treated my mom by taking her out for noshies and then the Home and Garden Show last nite. You know? It's kind of like the Everything About Sex show. You pay admission to get into a room where everybody is trying to sell you something. Basically you pay money to get into a place where you pay more money. Lots of great ideas, though. When I have my own pad, I'm going to have a blast (and if there's a significant other, he better keep his mouth shut and leave all the decorating to me :D I have a vision and it's not going to be swayed.)

The Home and Garden show doesn't sound like my cuppa tea, but I always enjoy it. Mommy and me had great fun looking at all the window treatments, the landscaping suggestions, bathroom and kitchen renovations. If money were infinite, the two of us would have a field day with the house. Then again, if finances were not an issue, we may butt heads a little over how to spend it.

Anyway, the highlight of the evening was seeing Vern Yip. Fellow Trading Spaces addicts will recognize his name mad quick. Unfortunately, he had a "media engagement" after his little show so I couldn't get his autograph, picture, nothing. But I still enjoyed the hour we got to listen to him. I thought he'd speak about decorating ideas. Instead, it was like a Behind-The Scenes interview with the audience about what Trading Spaces is really like. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Vern is by far my fave Trading Spaces designer. That vintage Hollywood bonus room he designed for that newlyweds' entertainment centre? Classic! I would kill to have a room like that. That was my favorite room design, hands down. If I had to surrender the decorating rights to my house and home, I'd scour the ends of the earth to have Vern take it over for me. Vern Yip rocks my interior designing world.

He's coming out with a book of decorating ideas in October sometime. That's going to kick some major ass.

Amazing how a straight guy can be such a designing virtuoso, no? *giggles*

I wanna sell something

You see that friggin' blogspot ad-banner up there at the top of my blog? Yeah, I know a lot of you have those, too. And hey, it's the only way to get this magnificent contraption for free.

Does anyone really pay attention to those? I know I didn't for the longest time. And then one day I was visiting over at Clipper the Dog's place and lo and behold, his ad-banner has links to buying LA Clipper tix! Totally relevant advertising! (Clipper is, duh, a diehard Clippers fan.)

So I whipped back to my own blog to see what kind of marketing goodness my blog was trying to sell to people. Bah! Free birthday cards. Boooooooo. I need to think of a product to promote, pepper my blog full of it, and get my ad-banner to make you all aware to the wondrous goodness of...well, the goodness of someting. I'll have to work on that.

I want my blog to offer up a little bit of "Lil Mija Magic."

*sings* I wanna be, wanna be like Leah.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Holy, does it ever go down smooth

Despite the crappy roads, Bizkette (formerly known as Lethal on here...just to update you folks) gathered a few of us for what was supposed to be margarita nite at Kelsey's. Alright, I was down with that.

Unfortunately, it wasn't margarita nite. Apparently margarita nite is on Tuesday. *mental note for future group outings* Undeterred, Bizkette, Sunflower, and Bizkette's sister downed 7 bigass margaritas between the 3 of them. Lucky wenches that they are, 2 of those were on the house since they were served up the wrong flavors. I'm not sure how our waitress/bartender could have such a short memory, but I won't dog on her 'cuz I've had "blond" moments like that, too.

But ah, see, not I. I didn't have margaritas as originally planned. Oh no, nu uh. Once again, just like the nite before with the falafels becoming Mexican food, I became distracted. Margaritas became tiramismoothies in my mind.

However, may I say that that was the most delicious flake-out I've ever made. Those dang tiramismoothies are like concoctions straight from Nirvana. But you all know I'm a tiramisu addict, anyway. Mm mm mmmmm.

Seeing as it used to be a regular spot for me and the unifriends (Mexican Mudslides! Ohhhhh yeah!) I highly insist that we reconvene at Kelsey's someday. Someday soon. Sooner. Hell, I want to go right now.

I don't know but I've been told...

Mmmm, yes, Joshua Gracin has been voted in as an American Idol finalist.

Thank you, America, thank you.

There's just something about those marine/army/navy/military boys that is




Yeah yeah, I know he's married. Looky, no touchy.

Bloggers delight

Looks like Haloscan pulled their act together yet again. Now I can blog to my heart's content and get comments to go along with it

Holla! (I've always wanted to say that :D)

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Warning: serious profanity in the following

I'm a sucker, I bought the Cradle 2 The Grave soundtrack (I can't wait till Friday!) and really only the first 2 evoke any sort of reaction from me. By that I mean they are actually worth a 2nd, 3rd, 4th listen and more for their entertainment value. I couldn't even tell you much about the rest of the soundtrack. Actually, that's a lie, I can recall the Foxy Brown song, but I can't tell you the title. So I guess that song is a half success.

Anyway, below is what I believe to be the lyrics to the 2nd song. I can't say they're the true lyrics 'cuz I couldn't find any other versions that would dispute its accuracy, though I swear they're just republications of one person's attempt to transcribe the song. Why am I posting these song lyrics? I'm not too sure actually. I think it's my surprise over how this song washes over me. The words are pretty flaming, and one would think it'd be good "anger" music. But it doesn't get a rise out of me. On the contrary, it entertains me, amuses me, soothes me. (Though I had no idea I needed soothing.) Can anybody tell me how THAT works??? If you've read the title of this post, consider that fair warning.

DMX Feat. Eminem, Obie Trice - Go To Sleep

I ain't gonna eat. I ain't gonna sleep
Ain't gonna breathe 'til I see what I wanna see
And what I wanna see is you go to sleep in the dirt
Permanently. You just being hurt; this ain't gonna work
For me it just wouldn't be sufficient enough
Cuz we are just gonna be enemies
As long as we breathe I don't ever see either of us
Coming to terms where we can agree
There ain't gonna be no reasoning speaking wit' me
You speak on my seed, then me, no speak-a ingles
So we gonna beef, and keep on beefin, unless
You're gonna agree to meet with me in the flesh
And settle this face to face and you're gonna see
A demon unleashed in me that you've never seen
And you're gonna see this gangster beat on himself
I see you D-12, and thanks, but me need no help
Me do this one all by my lonely. I don't need fifteen of my homies
When I see you, I'm seeing you. Me and you only
We never met but best believe you gon' know me
When I'm this close to seeing you exposed as phoney
Come on, bitch, show me. Pick me up, throw me
Lift me up. Hold me. Just like you told me
You was gonna do, that's what I thought, you're pitiful
I'm rid of you, all of you, Ja, you'll get it too!

[Chorus- Eminem]
Now go to sleep bitch!
Die, motherfucker, die! Ugh, time's up, bitch, close ya eyes
Go to sleep, bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? How many times I gotta say, close ya eyes?
And go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Die motherfucker die. Bye-bye, motherfucker. Bye! Bye!
Go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah...
...Go to sleep bitch!

[Obie Trice]
We got you niggaz nervous
On purpose, to hurt your focus, you'se not MC's, you'se worthless
You'se not them G's, you'se a circus, you'se no appeal, please
You'se curtains, you use words, cool heard, slurred in two thousand third
You'se perpin, you'se no threat, who's ya servin?
When lyrically oughta bury you beneath the dirt when
You fuck with a label overseeing the Earth
Shady muthafucka: O. Trice's birth
And as I mold I become a curse
So we can put down the verse, take it to the turf
Cock and squeeze, and he who reach the hearse is he who
Depicts fiction in his verse
And as I breathe, and you be deceased
The world believe you deceived just to speak
You'se not the streets. You'se the desk
Use not your chest nigga, use a vest
Before two's choose ya rest, you chose death
Six feet deep, nigga, that's the debt

[Chorus- Eminem]
Now go to sleep bitch!
Die, motherfucker, die! Ugh, time's up, bitch, close ya eyes
Go to sleep, bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? How many times I gotta say, close ya eyes?
And go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Die motherfucker die. Bye-bye, motherfucker. Bye! Bye!
Go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah...
...Go to sleep bitch!

Hey dog I'ma walk like a beast, talk like the streets
I'ma stay blazin New York wit' the heat
Stalk on the beat, walk wit' my feet
Understand my pain, the rain ain't sleet
Peep how I'm moving. Peep where I'm going
Shit don't seep, then sleep not knowin
But I'ma keep growing, getting larger than life
Easy-going with the same one that started the fight
He be knowing how dog get, when dog gon' bite
Tried to show him the dog shit. It's dog for life
Grand champ and my Blood Line is tight
Cuz it's all good, it's all right
Niggas tried to holla but couldn't holla back
Now they gots to swallow everything in the sac
Blood Line; and we can go track for track
Damn dog, why'd you have to do them niggas like that?

[Chorus- Eminem]
Now go to sleep bitch!
Die, motherfucker, die! Ugh, time's up, bitch, close ya eyes
Go to sleep, bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? How many times I gotta say, close ya eyes?
And go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Die motherfucker die. Bye-bye, motherfucker. Bye! Bye!
Go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah...
...Go to sleep bitch!

All you motherfuckers, take that!
Here, take this too, bitch! Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Waaaaaahoo
We're killing all you motherfuckers dead, all of you
Fake ass gangsters! No more press! No more press!
Rot, motherfuckers, rot! Decay, in the dirt, bitch. In the motherfucking dirt!
Die nameless, bitch! Die nameless! No more fame!
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Hahahaha
Yo X, come on man. Obie, let's go. Hahaha

La vida rica


Daisy and I were able to get rush seats to tonite's performance of Evita. As I've said, it was a Theatre Calgary production so I wasn't expecting too much, but it completely blew me away! The sets were designed, I swear, by such creative geniuses that each scene was full to the brim with details. A very rich and complete production. Their voices and dancing completely blew me away. Such talent! We got amazing value on those rush seats, the show is easily worth the full regular admission.

So before the show, I was craving falafels. The flaw in our plan was wandering around Stephen Avenue on our way to Falafel King. I got so distracted by all the other foods. Casa de la Salsa, Thai Rose, Cedar's Deli (Lebanese) many choices! Ended up with an alternate plan at Juan's Mexican Restaurant. Guacamole? Fantastic! That was some really excellent guac. Daisy had some kinda tostadas thing (why do all Spanish/Mexican/Latino/Hispanic dishes have such long names?) and I had, essentially, the chicken fajitas. Ay! Me gusta muchisimo! And our waiter was so incredibly nice. We split this desert, again I can't think of the full Spanish name...but basically it was crepes with cajeta sauce. We were unsure what that was last time we were in a Mexican restaurant but now I've figured out it must be the creamy caramel sauce. Damn, such goodness! I'll have to ask Mijo if my assumptions about the cajeta thingie are dead on. Spent a whole lot more than if I had stayed focused on getting falafels, and I feel bad about that 'cuz I didn't want Daisy to have to spend so much. But that was soooooo good...I don't think either of us were really in any mood to complain.

I had a Spanish coffee at the theatre. It's just been a Spanish day for me, yes it has.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Gimme back my comments, you stoopid stoopid internet! Grrrrrr!

My computer here at work says my page is "Done, but with errors on page" Grrr again! Just when Zak helped me fix it up and make it all shiny. I haven't even touched the template since then! Perhaps it's the lack of the comments coming through that is the cause of all this. *crosses her fingers*

And you! Yeah YOU! Zak's birthday is swiftly approaching. Have you given him some tattoo-fundage yet? I'm doing my best to do my part. (Thanks, Civic!)


Living the lives of lil cultured debutantes once again, Daisy and I will be catching Evita tonite. Granted, it is only the Theatre Calgary production, but it is never a bad thing to "sophisticate" yourself.

Sorry, American Idol...I won't be tuning into tonite's competition. Besides, you banned Frenchie. Booooo on you!

They come, they go

Alas, my fave NYC blog is coming to an end. It really shouldn't be a sad thing considering the circumstances bringing about its conclusion, but I am choked nonetheless.

All the best, Ray! Hope to see you around still somehow.

And as Ray departs the blogging scene, Sunflower is stepping back into it. Enter Honestly...Life Does Go On!

Monday, February 24, 2003

Weekend countdown

Wow, no posts since Thursday, can you believe it? Anyway, quick recap of my weekend. (Sorry, HTML knowledge is too limited to have my numbers go backwards. Not that it matters anyway.)

  1. Friday noshies with aqua angel and Daisy, in other words unifriends less 1. One of these days we'll get Sunny out for some unifriends time. We went to Mr.Schnapps so I suppose Sunny was there in spirit. She was the one who had suggested that restaurant years and years ago.

  2. Caught A Guy Thing at the cheap theatres after dinner. It was predictable, but that kind of movie has to be. I always enjoy Julia Stiles movies, even though she's not a super-stellar actress. Very good evening all in all.

  3. I had to work Saturday's closing shift, first time in a long while, and go figure I have plans for that night. I don't know why the mall is open so late. I think I had 3 or 4 sales past 5 o clock. B-Girl said she really doesn't mind if I tell them I don't want to work any Saturdays anymore. She could really use the hours. I can't say I'm not tempted to take her up on the offer. Besides, Mr. Hottie only works Sundays, so where's the motivation to work Saturdays?

  4. Usual Suspects (Daisy, Latina, and Civic) and I had a function to attend at the Black Swan Ale House. A soccer team cabaret courtesy of Latina's team. It really had that college crowd feel that I've missed for quite some time now. Not the 18-year old scene that has been invading some of my more preferred clubs, this one was a good, mature, fun-loving 20-something sort of crowd. However, it's still not the kind of club that I'd frequent. On that note, I miss the old Roxy!

  5. I was able to dance at least some of the night away. Hooray! I've been dying to go dancing for weeks. Some of the notable dancers of the evening: Crazy Enthusiastic Blonde Girl and Barely Moving Lost Dood. Barely Moving Lost Dood was the most entertaining simply 'cuz even his friends had no idea what he was trying to do. Their reactions to his dancing was even more amusing than his dancing itself.

  6. As the night wore on the place was smelling ranker and ranker, another remnant of college days gone by. No visual evidence of such, but it smelled apparent that there were some there who couldn't hold their booze.

  7. A nasty old man walked by and stared at me so intently it gave me the creeps. The whole time he was in sight he never relieved me of his stare. *shudders* He proceeded to do the same thing again about 5 minutes later, returning to whereever he had come from in the bar. Definitely ready to leave at that point. Later on, an adorable younger guy in a cream hoodie slid his hand across my ass. A bizarre twist to an old come-on stand-by. (What? He didn't grab it? Oh right, there's nothing to grab. Maybe he could've slapped it at least.) He then bopped around at our table for mine and Latina's amusement. He did his thing twice just like the nasty old man. The guys here sure are repetitive with their M.O.s.

  8. Got tired of the scene fast and decided to go bowling at 12:30. Of course, the minute you're ready to leave is when the boys start paying a bit more attention to you. Anyway, off we went. For some reason the alley was closed, so the typical plan B came into effect: Boston Pizza. Can't go wrong with BPs.

  9. Worked again on Sunday. Mr. Hottie day! Sneakily got his name finally. Mr. Hottie = Mike. I've seriously got a short attention span. The more I see him the less super-hot he looks. He's still crazy hot, but not tongue-tying hot. Maybe I'm just getting comfortable.

  10. Listening in on the Grammies, I leapt from my computer once I heard Eminem's performance starting. In my haste, I stubbed my pinky toe extremely violently against the stairclimber. The result: a sickeningly feeble cracking sound. *shudders* I'm still limping around. I think I need medical attention.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Those dating reality shows got nothing on Curious George

I was hoping they'd archive this. Good stuffs!

These monkeys make Temptation Island look like Romper Room. I wonder if FOX has even thought of that, they're scandalous enough. A big massive dating series pitting singles of differing sexual orientations against one another for one another.

"...female macaques often form long-term sexual relationships with other females, and turn down opportunities for reproductive sex with a male, even though at other times they might mate happily with the same male...frequently reject(ing) willing males for the favours of their female partner."

Well, I guess that shoots down the conservative view that homosexuality is unnatural. And obviously these swinging animals *giggles* are about more than just increasing their population.

Interesting that critters would be this way. I always found it amusing on elimiDATE when the girls sometimes show more interest in their opponents compared to the guy they're supposed to be battling it out for.

Back to the monkeys: "We've got females that are competing for males with other females, we've got males that are being choosy, males that are sexually coercing females ... we've got females sexually harassing males that don't want to copulate with them, we've got females that have sex with each other, we've got females that are competing with males for other females, we have females that are mounting males,"

You see? They aren't much different from us at all. You've got the elimiDATE chimps, you've got the Joe Millionaire baboons, the Bachelor/Bachelorette orangutans. And then there are the "personality" primates. There are Bill Clinton-esque gorillas, the Ellen Degeneres' of the primate world, even monkeys who emulate Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction.

I guess we haven't evolved much in that respect.

"Let's throw a tent over this circus."

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


This has gone on long enough.

Maybe it's the media overhyping it, but I somehow doubt it. Besides, the more attention the press gives to the "situation" the bigger these fools' egos get and the lesser the likelihood that any of this will die down.

I'm talking about all this hostility within one's own race. You see and hear about it everywhere. If I hear another news report about "asian gang violence" I may just have to hurt somebody myself out of frustration. Now, ain't that some irony?

It's not even just the Asians. I mean, look at this past weekend. That poor Jamaican guy who was killed point blank at a party at Club Social Latino. Fine, I know it's customary to report the location of the incident in a newspaper article, but I felt there was an unnecessary emphasis on the fact that the victim was Jamaican and everybody at the party was Jamaican so chances are the shooter, too, was Jamaican.

I suppose I could be just really sensitive these days, but all this media makes me feel like the whole city is saying "If you're white, you're safe. Not only are you safe, but we know you would never be guilty of hurting anybody else." Or maybe "anything that isn't white, is 'ghetto' or lower class."

And for the first time in my 20-something years of existence, I am actually feeling like a minority. Have I been living my life with blinders on? Perhaps. Walked around day to day with rose-tinted contact lenses in my eyes? It's possible.

To make it worse, it's not like me, my siblings, and my non-white friends (I wish there were a better way to word all this) have tried to buck the trend...perhaps try to create a "caucasian" lifestyle for ourselves. But last time I checked, that wasn't a requirement to be able to live your life drama-free. I am a friggin' global community within myself, dang it all. I love Greek food probably as much as any other Greek person. I love my hip-hop, my RnB, my urban wear, just as much as your stereotypical African-American. (And yes, I realize that this all boils down to stereotypes). I love all things Spanish, and yearn to be able to shimmy and shake like the more gifted salsa dancers out there in this world. But just like any "normal" Asian, I was good in math at school, I took piano lessons, at least 5 days out of the week rice is going to be the main part of my dinner, and I really really adore bubble tea.

So, ok, there shouuldn't be anything wrong with being a "normal" Asian. Then why do I feel so uneasy about my cousins and friends driving their shiny shiny Hondas and Acuras with the kitschy light effects? It's 'cuz that's what those Asians drive.

And those Asians are dangerous and they could easily hurt my family and friends. Those Asians wouldn't care if they shot up the wrong car by mistake.

But this guy online says to me "Oh, they wouldn't shoot the wrong car, they know exactly who they're after." After the past few days, I'm tempted to reply "Oh really? Then what about that guy at the Perkins?"

Poor guy didn't even know his assailants, and these "thugs" chased him down and shot his car up twice. His seat was the only thing that saved his life from all those bullets...there are bruises on his back where those bullets would've killed him. And lo and behold, the driver of the car full of shoot-em-up Asians? A white male. Nothing is ever as it seems.

I know I'm overprotective of those I care about, but I can't help but get a little worried every time a new incident goes down. And I always feel a little concerned when my brother or my cousins all go and do something "Asian" together like go out for bubble tea. What if some hardcore badass thinks that my brother looked at him threateningly? Or they mistake my cousin's Acura for a rival's while they're all driving down Deerfoot?

I don't feel like a minority because anybody white has treated me poorly. I'm feeling this way because it's my "own kind" that's threatening me. Go figure.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Before I get my head ripped off...

Alright, I promised him I'd show him some linky-love today and I suppose I do owe it to him for getting him addicted to this whole blogging thing, so here it is:

(Insert Witty Title Here) is a newcomer to this here blogging game. He's been a friend of mine online for a few years going now, and it was kinda funny how we met 'cuz it turns out that his cousin was my best friend in kindergarten. Mind you that me and this common link live waaaay up here in Calgary and he lives waaaaay down there in California. Small world, huh? Anyway, anybody who can spare a few moments to give him some comments of encouragement or what have you please do so.

Even though I think people who are getting a Bellagio wedding shouldn't be so spoiled. *jealous* Kidding, dood!

Monday, February 17, 2003

And Haloscan, my comments provider says...

Server work in progress

We found that the cause of the recent problems was a hardware failure in the database server. We are currently working to replace the server and will have everything working by Tuesday at the latest. Sorry about the problems and thanks for your patience.

*sigh* No comments till Tuesday. How will a blogging/comment junkie like me survive?

What would Brian Boitano do?

Psh, ok, so that title has nothing to do with this post, but the siblings and cousin are watching South Park The Movie right now so that's what my mind's stuck on.

I feel like craaaaap. I should've known. Went out for noshies with Sunflower Saturday nite despite feeling exhausted and achey. Next morning....well, it was not an excellent way to wake up, let's just put it that way.

So I called in sick (*sniffs* no Mr. Hottie today!) and drifted in and out of consciousness all day long. It didn't/doesn't help that there was/is a family gathering going on in the house. Anyway, 11pm and I decided to finally get out of bed and try and be a bit active. Someone shoot me now.

I'm all slept out, I could use some coffee right now (I can hear them grinding the beans upstairs) Coffee at 1:30am? Well it's not like I need any sleep anytime soon.

This fever must be craaaazy, I'm in my basement in a tanktop and I'm not feeling the least bit freezing.

Ok, enuf complaining out of me, hopefully this is just a 24 hour flu thing.

Anybody wonder why they gave Saddam Hussein a Canadian-style head in South Park? Perhaps Parker and Stone really do think us Canadians are the enemy.

Quit digging a deeper hole for yourself

Man, I feel bad for c2. Having to deal with people of this sort.

----Original Message Follows----
From: "Jon Sakshaug"
Subject: blackcaesar
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 00:54:08 -0500
man you must really be unintelligent because you believe a one sided dispute.... terrible "sucka"lol

I found this email in my inbox today. People like him need to let things go. Chrystal expressed her dislike for this person on her blog a few days ago, and us decent people in the world gave her comments of support. I mean, I've known people like this guy, and they're so not kewl. You can never have serious convos with these people, they turn everything into a joke, and really, it's a complete waste of your time to deal with them.

Zak got an email from this guy, too. And I'm assuming anyone who stood behind Chrystal via comments on her blog got an email as well. How unfortunate that this guy has nothing better to do than to email strangers in defense of himself. Not to mention that his defense is pretty weak. Ah well.

Saturday, February 15, 2003


Dood, my blog is broken again. I soooo do not have the time for this!

Special Delivery

Thanks for all those who wished Lana and Posie well. Lana got discharged last nite and we went to visit the lil familia at their home shortly afterward. Posie is exhausted (understandably) and poor Lana clings to her mama like crazy. The poor girl has a sad and miserable look on her face, and flinches away from anyone who isn't her moms. Turns out she was tended to, for the most part, by student nurses who still had a ways to go with their practicing. I would give anything to have her bounce back to health right quick.

Alrighty, so I had a quite a few Valentines in my mailbox yesterday. Yay, me! I don't mind sharing a few of them with you. (Idea copied from Ryan.)

"Baby, it don't have to be Pitch Black.
Let me be your Knockaround Guy. I'll give it to you Fast and Furious.
We'll make it xXx.
Much Love, V. Diesel"

"Hey, remember me? I miss my little Ladybug.
If I could turn back time, I'd go back to the days when you were my Sidekic
and we'd go exploring the world below.
Call me some time, my career has slowed somewhat so you don't have to go through my agent anymore.
Wish you were here, J. Brandis"

"Guess who's back, back again?
Can I be your Superman? You know I would crawl 8 Miles for you.
Don't let my Guilty Conscience kill me, I know it's all My Fault.
I hope you remember what My Name Is...
Peace, M. Mathers"

"Roses are red, violets are blue
You've seen my underwear, now let's see yours, too
T. Beckford"

"Sweetie, you heard I broke up with Helene, right?
Let me show you the friendly skies in my plane.
I wish you had auditioned for the show, I would've guaranteed you a rose.
Kisses, A. Buerge"

"Honey, you've got my heart in Flames. Meet me tonight for an amazing power play.
It's going to be one hell of a body check. I've been a bad boy, put me in the box.
All for you, J. Iginla
P.S. I'm not really engaged"

"Hun, Fill Me In. It's been 7 Days since our last Rendez-Vous.
Tell me what's your flavor? I can't stand to see you Walking Away.
Miss you, C. David"

"'You, me. That desk. RIGHT NOW.'
Babe, all you had to do was ask."
See you Sunday? Mr. Hottie"

Woooo, yeah babeeee!

Friday, February 14, 2003

My Funny Valentine

So the working day is winding down, and thusly Valentine's Day and the ensuing long weekend can begin in earnest. But before I go, I just have to share my day with you all. I intended to not blog at all today so that all of you would see the valentine I've made for you upon your visit. If you have not seen it yet, it's right below this entry. Simple, yet fun. That's me.

Ok, so to recount the first 17 hours of Valentine's Day 2003, Leah-style...

It's been snowing lightly all day, I think it's beautiful. However, the snow likes to play tricks on your legs. It's in cahoots with the ice, you see, and they have great fun victimizing unsuspecting young ladies in high-heeled biatch boots.

I was minding my own business, strutting my strut, doing my thing, all the way to the bus stop. Then "whoosh," down I go! So much for the sexy strut, the hotness. To add insult to my lil booboo, the bus drove right past me as I was picking myself up off the sidewalk. Grrrrrr!

So, I'm late for work, luckily they love me here at the agency. Lunchtime stealthily approaches. I had plans to meet up with a friend for lunch. I was kind of unsure whether or not to keep the lunch "date" 'cuz we're friends and it's Valentine's Day and I don't want it to mean anything special just 'cuz it's V day. But I know it looks like it should mean more and he might think it means more but that's not what I mean, you know what I mean? *sigh* Anyway, it mattered not what I meant and didn't mean 'cuz in the end I was the last one to take a lunch break here at work. Left a message on his celly not to wait for me, and I'd stop by when I finally got a break, and oh, happy Valentine's Day.

But I had a lot of fun on the way to go visit him! Oh boy, did I ever!

I was taking my fine ass to his store, taking the outdoor route along Stephen Ave. Kinda seething 'cuz I got out so late, but I figured I'd be a trooper and make an appearance. I was halfway there, clearly obvlivious to what was going on all around me. Suddenly, there's this dood walking alongside me. Below is the convo as I remember it:



Where are you from?

Well, I was born here, but my parents are from the Philippines.

I thought so. For the record, I really like Filipinas.

That's great.

What's your name?


That's very pretty. Do you want to go for coffee?

Actually, I'm on my way somewhere else. I'm meeting someone.

Can I have your number?

Uh, no. I don't think you'll need it.

I can call you later and we can go for coffee.

Nah, that ain't a good idea. you have a boyfriend?

Yeah...yeah, I do.

What nationality is he?


Is he Canadian?

Yeah...yeah, he is.

You should taste an Iraqi sometime. We are very big, you will like.

Oh, well, yeah...I'll make a note of that, thanks. (End of conversation, splitting ways)

Augh, holy crap! Back the frick up, dood! *shakes her head incredulously* Happy Valentine's Day to me, indeed! I still need to tune up my game, still give too much authentic information, but at least I know when to lie when it really counts.

Finally made it to my friend's store but, like I said, he had already had lunch. Nothing else to do but chit chat for a bit. However, that didn't last very long 'cuz I was actually pretty hungry at this point. I dreaded going back out there in case Mr. Iraqi Stallion was lurking somewhere, but I sucked it up and I did it. Never ran into him again, thank god.

Guards up, ladies, the creeps are on the prowl.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be sweet...

Be pimpin'...

Just go on with your fine selves!

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Psychic hugs

My baby goddaughter, Lana, isn't feeling too well. They took her to emergency late last night/early in the morning and the docs ran some tests on her. They'd give her a room but there's no beds available.

I hope Posie is handling it alright. This is the first time Lana's ever been sick. I've wanted to call Posie since I found out but she's been by Lana's side through the whole thing, and obviously her celly is turned off in the hospital.

Not disregarding Posie's feelings, I feel horrible over what the two of them are going through. I wish I could be there with them right now. I mean, isn't that what best friends/godparents are for? *sigh* I wish I was there.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Help! Au secours! Ayudeme!

I think those all mean the same thing.

Anyway, yeah, I need help. Zak just let me know that my blog is chock-full of errors. I noticed that before, but now my computer just overlooks them or something so I don't even realize there's still a problem.

Anyone out there computer savvy with time to spare to help me out? *puppy dog eyes*

And in other distressing news, the loser known as satisfaction messaged me tonite. He wants to know if I've had any "change of heart." Talk about missed opportunity! I should've said I'd changed my mind about letting him keep his balls. That freak had me on edge the whole weekend (which in itself I can't really explain 'cuz guys like him don't usually get under my skin). He deserves...well, he deserves some bad karma. I'm not going to let loose with what I think he deserves lest you all think I'm some demented freak after I've said my piece.


You know, FOX can be a total hypocrite sometimes. Their station thrives on being tacky and scandalous. So can anybody at FOX please tell me why they bumped off Frenchie?

Don't tell me they all of a sudden had a hit of morality and poor Frenchie is their unfortunate first victim on their road back to being virtuous. I'm not saying what she did was right, but come on! This show is all about talent, and she had that in spades. She's a singing powerhouse! She may not be a size 2 or 6 or even 16, but the girl can definitely sing. Now they're going to act like she had never even competed?

If Joe Millionaire (another FOX show, though I do not know much about it) can feature a pornstar bimbo and suggest that the Millionaire guy was getting a blowjob in the bushes ON can not tell me that Frenchie, whose lewd act had nothing to do with the FOX show, can not compete for the title of American Idol.

I demand the heads of those hypocritical FOX execs on my desk right now.

Sugar, awwww, honey honey.

I don't consider myself a major chocoholic, but man does this festival ever sound irresistible. Any Bay Area people want to fill me in on the rest of the details?

From a travel article suggesting a different festival/celebration for every month of the new year:

September: California
Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival

"A Bay Area favorite since 1852, Ghirardelli chocolate is arguably the original San Francisco treat. As such, the confectioner rewards its loyal following with a two-day feeding frenzy, selling heaps of brownies, cookies, cheesecake, fudge, tiramisu and truffles. Master chocolatiers sculpt and display lifelike busts made from blocks of chocolate, and there's even an ice cream sundae-eating contest that awards the winner his or her own weight in chocolate! Ghirardelli's flagship store, located in a shopping plaza of the same name, is the site for this decadent diversion."

Tiramisu! Cheesecake! Brownies! *head is spinning with visions of yummy chocolate goodness*

Two dimensions: vocal talent and image

This is what Simon Cowell said would be 2 categories of ranking for this year's American Idol contest. Alas, I somehow doubt it'll work out that way.

Take tonite's performers...Kimberley and Reuben totally ripped their songs. However, they were also the more heavy-set/full-figured of the bunch. Will the audience actually base their vote purely on talent? In a perfect world they would. I mean, Reuben doesn't need to be a sex symbol to sell CDs. And Kimberley's quite pretty. If I had my way, they would be the 2 chosen out of last night's group to enter into the top 10. The "prettier" singers were weaker, with no breath support, no stage presence, no style. Actually, that's not entirely true. The girl who sang the cabaret-style song can really sing. But she's no competition for Kimberley in this round. I agree with the judges' praise on this one. I have to root for Reuben and Kimberley. However, the audience has been known to disappoint so who knows what will happen?

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Bringing it down

Boys and girls, always remember to carry around your shopping receipts.

That Nine West purse I mentioned in the last entry? Further reduced! Got a price adjustment and now I'm 4.55 richer. Big deal! you say. Four stinking fifty five.

Ah, but it is! 4.55 is almost 3 small Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccinos (mmm) or if you want to indulge, it's a venti Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte. I learned my lesson last time, though. No more venti Starbucks anything for me, well, maybe a Tazo Chai. Yeah, I could handle a venti Tazo Chai. Maybe there was no lesson learned, after all.

Spring is coming, need more closet space!

I can't explain my latest shopping finds. I honestly can't. It feels like I'm compromising the image I've been trying to develop over the years. But then I realized, what image? My image has thrived on having people not expect what I'm going to be wearing...and I need to continue running with that.

First not-Leah-yet-is-so-now-Leah item: a studded little baguette bag by Nine West. First off, the studs have an antiqued brass look to them, really rugged. Secondly, when D-Girl showed me the bag (which she got only a couple days before me, despite how I thought it wasn't such a great bag back then) the zipper pull is one ridiculously big loop of pleather. Almost like a wrist strap of its own. I dunno, I still shake my head over this recent purchase...but it's pure funk and has been serving me quite well so far. And how can I complain about owning another Nine West bag!

Second was-not-Leah item: a crocheted skullcap. Yes, I caved and bought one after trying it on. I rather like how I look in it. Sure, I look like a biter since I'm the one who introduced the skullcaps to Daisy, who now owns 2. But unlike Daisy, I intend on wearing mine. (Sorry, girl, I'm just bugging ya) And with the way I've been shopping lately, there will be more uses for that skullcap than I originally planned.

Third item that I cannot explain: a pair of black low-rise flares with a lace inset at the flare. I'm all about lace, and I'm all about low-rise. The fact that I "trended out" (and it's not even a cutting edge trend, alas!) and bought a pair of pants that have lace detail is beyond explanation for me. I just needed new pants for work, and none of the basic ones were doing it for me. Plus, it was another excellent deal...and trendy pieces are alright if the price is right. (One of Leah's shopping rules: Never pay over 20 dollars on a trend item. Wardrobes are supposed to be all about classic pieces)

Fourth item: Alright, in my defense this piece does have a bit of my intended style. The Asian stylings I've always liked, the shirt has kanji scrolls interspersed in the design. It's red, it's camel, it's black, and a tinge of green. It reminds me a bit of a Mossimo shirt I saw a while back. The kicker that makes it not me? The slitted and flared sleeve. Sooooo not me. Other people can work the look, but for me it screams out Shania Twain/Destiny's Child wannabe. Not to mention the bodice on this shirt is so snug it's practically a second skin. Nevertheless, it called to me, and so it became mine.

Four trend pieces for 51.15. None too shabby, I think, way under the 80 dollars plus tax I would budget for such things. Mind you, if each piece was 20 dollars I probably wouldn't have picked them up.

My shopping obsession with underwear rages on. Did you know that Zellers (a Canadian rival for Wal-Mart) carries DKNY underwear??? Neither did I, and at 4.33 a pair I just had to have a few. Don't ask how many pairs and how many styles of underwear I've got now. I've lost count. But I could go at least 2 months easy without doing any laundry, maybe even 3 months at this point. I really have no clue. Blows your mind, doesn't it?

In other fashion news, Eve's line Fetish should be getting ready to hit the stores this Spring. I hope it's not delayed. I can't wait to see the line. I suppose I'll have to trek to the US to see it, but I'm not complaining about that...always love having something different from the people around here.

Another kewl girl with a line coming out! Gwen Stefani of No Doubt is coming out with a line, L.A.M.B., slotted to hit stores this fall. Ridiculously ironic, I can't believe there's going to be a line out there with my name on it (literally).

Man...Eve and Gwen with clothing lines...I'm going to have to start saving up. US dollars hurt. Luckily, the loonie is rising. Bow down!

Monday, February 10, 2003

Wading in The Velvet Sea's author, Ryan, and I were chatting a bit last night and he directed me to his latest entry. Anyone with some wise and savvy words for the men? I know Sepi had some sage gems for the boys. Any takers who want to lay down the rules for them? You know the deal, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Aargh, stoopid Blogger. It's got blogging constipation or something. None of my new entries are popping up. Well, alright, my one new entry hasn't popped up. Somebody give Blogger some prune juice.

You're bringing me down!

Not much interaction with the hottie today, alas. I phoned up to him, not a very interesting convo, though I was going through better conversation topics (and his imaginary responses) in my head *s*

The fact everybody knows about him now is a real downer. The last thing I need is to be grouped with a bunch of young, twittery, bubbleheads in his eyes. Unfortunately, this may soon be the case if I don't distance myself from some of those annoying girls. Me, B-Girl, and the Jewellery girls were on our way to dropping off our deposits when we crossed paths with Mr. Hottie. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by giggling lunatics. Nooooo, that's not obvious at all. *humiliated by association*

In worser news, D-Girl has handed in her resignation. I won't get to work another shift with D-Girl during her final weeks. C'est dommage. Now it's just me and the B-Girl in our department who have all the fun. Part of me wants to bail on this job now, but it'd be really nice to pay off my loan first, not to mention the eye-candy benefits of the job.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Get a life (and keep away from mine)

Overall, the internet is a beautiful and marvelous thing. Truly, it is. I've met some great people online, and I'm certain I'll meet many more. Undoubtedly, the internet also has a shady side, but depending on the circumstances and if it's all in good humor then I'll play along.

What I cannot stand, however, are the pathetic one-track-minded losers who have the inability to comprehend the simple two-letter word "no." I mean, yeah, somedays I'll humor you and go along with whatever game you want to play. But if I say "no, thanks" then that's exactly what I mean, and nothing you say is going to help your case any further.

Prime example, and I'm keeping his sn on there just 'cuz I think he deserves it. This guy had me so livid/on edge I was suspicious of everything that was going on around me as I walked down my block after our conversation. Anything within plus signs are afterthoughts that I've added in after the fact.

satisfaction (09:14 PM) :
hi there!
Lil Miss Giggles (09:16 PM) :
satisfaction (09:16 PM) :
how is your illness coming along? ++apparently I must've talked to this guy before or how else would he have known I was sick?++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:17 PM) :
alright thanks
satisfaction (09:17 PM) :
would you like to enjoy some sex while you're healthy? ++that has got to be the best pickup line anybody's used on me ever++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:19 PM) :
satisfaction (09:21 PM) :
with me?
Lil Miss Giggles (09:22 PM) :
satisfaction (09:22 PM) :
you are attractive. I like you. I would use protection. ++suave and responsible!++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:22 PM) :
I don't know u
satisfaction (09:23 PM) :
what do you want to know?
Lil Miss Giggles (09:28 PM) :
huh? ++like that'll speed things along++
satisfaction (09:29 PM) :
what do you want to know about me?
Lil Miss Giggles (09:30 PM) :
I don't know
satisfaction (09:33 PM) :
what do you need to know to have sex with me? ++good question!!++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:33 PM) :
this is a really crazy idea
satisfaction (09:34 PM) :
I know. But I am a really nice guy. We can only do oral if you'd be more comfortable. But I would definitely use protection.
Lil Miss Giggles (09:34 PM) :
It doesn't matter. It's way too intimate of a situation for me to get into with a total stranger ++look at me trying to be all polite *halo shining brightly*++
satisfaction (09:36 PM) :
I dissagree
Lil Miss Giggles (09:36 PM) :
well then that's where we differ completely ++among other things++
satisfaction (09:36 PM) :
it can be very fun and enjoyable
satisfaction (09:36 PM) :
are you a virgin? ++there must be the reason his charm isn't working on me, huh?++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:36 PM) :
Yes ++This should usually get rid of them++
satisfaction (09:37 PM) :
well, I am very gentle.
Lil Miss Giggles (09:38 PM) :
it doesn't matter
satisfaction (09:38 PM) :
is there any way I could talk you into it? ++like he wasn't trying to do that earlier?++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:38 PM) :
sorry, but not really ++my patience is, like, tissue-paper-thin++
satisfaction (09:38 PM) :
how about just touching each other? ++gotta give the guy credit for exploring all options++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:39 PM) :
No, maybe u should just find someone else to chat with
satisfaction (09:40 PM) :
I thought you were into it earlier? ++I was?++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:40 PM) :
not with a complete stranger
satisfaction (09:41 PM) :
well, we could talk first ++'cuz apparently that wasn't what we were doing just now++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:41 PM) :
I think u better go
satisfaction (09:41 PM) :
I don't think I'm going anywhere ++this response totally threw me off, dood's got a thick skull++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:41 PM) :
well I think u should
satisfaction (09:42 PM) :
I don't care what you think. I think you really want to fuck, but your illness and shyness has prevented you. ++yes, he got me, one of the complications of my sickness is an inability to screw around with guys I don't even know++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:42 PM) :
well then that's what you really think
satisfaction (09:43 PM) :
yes, it is. I think you are wanting to break out of your shell, and are just waiting for the right opportunity. ++well, you know, timing is everything. Anyways, I'd had enough.++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:43 PM) :
fine, u just keep thinking that and maybe someday u'll find a girl who thinks like that. Anyways, have a good nite
satisfaction (09:44 PM) :
being a virgin at 23 is not normal. You're a super freak! ++I never said it was normal. Not to mention that dood over here really has to decide what he thinks of me. I mean, am I a prude, or am I a freak? 'cuz you really can't be both simultaneously.++
Lil Miss Giggles (09:45 PM) :
well I'm not looking to u to resolve that, so what does it matter what your opinion of me is, good nite
satisfaction (09:45 PM) :
you never know. I'm sure you get horny from time to time, and curious. You could change your mind. ++ever the optimist++

So yeah, any ladies looking to hook up with "an educated, employed, nice guy looking to meet ladies in the Calgary area" hit up UIN #136008959. Or perhaps you won't even have to look, 'cuz he'll find you instead like he found me. My, I'm such a lucky girl.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Please Mr. Postman, look and see if you've got a letter, a letter for me

Blog amendment no. 1: Smaller headers. My blog is starting to look way too long due to all the spaciousness.

And thanks to DonnieVega for the previous judo-chopping-patootie link. You give me way too much information.

Alright, so I'm not quite waiting for a letter. I'm waiting for my Visa bill. Of all things! I've never been so anxious to get my Visa statement as I am right now.

I signed up with PayPal so I can help Zak: the entertainer fulfill his birthday wishes. But now I have to wait for my Visa bill before I can actually support the cause. Hopefully it comes soon. And hopefully he gets the bday present he wanted and we get to see some nifty wax-work come into effect.

And what's wrong with Ultrablognetic? It has been days since I've had the opportunity to read about goatless mothers! This can't be good.


The curse of the Asian behind. Warning: Bare buttocks in a really hideous thong.

Do you see what I'm saying? I may as well give up now. Apparently, I can develop buns of steel but they will always be flat. *grumble* Such is life.

And I apologize for the cheesy title, I couldn't resist.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Reality Bites

Thank you America for giving that boy Grigsby a chance at becoming the next American Idol. But DeMato over Caldwell??? What were you all thinking?! Boooo on you.

Or as a friend of mine just recently said "You get an F for cooperation."

I could not stand that cocky/smug smile DeMato had on her bucktooth/pointy-nosed face. Am I bitter? Nooooo, not at all.

But in thrilling reality tv news, the wanky stalker, Russ, was finally eliminated from The Bachelorette. It's about freaking time! Psycho!

Charlie and Trista's date in Cabo was absolutely perfect. Ironic that I had just attended an industry dinner for the Mexico Tourism Board highlighting Cabo and Manzanillo. Ahhh, Mexico.

Pina colada, por favor.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Like father, like...father?

Hm, check this out, I'm actually going to try my hand at some news commentary.

When I got home, Weird Kid was waiting for Smallville to start up on WPIX. I caught the tail end of the newscast. For some reason I enjoy their newscasts since they are all about New York City. I realize that most of their stories are from a land so far away that they really have no relevance to me, but I appreciate the stories 'cuz it adds more "realness" to my penchant for NYC. These people are not all socialites and big-time corporate VIPs, some of souls in the Big Apple lead normal everyday lives not much different from my own. I know, I should be an obvious given. But I need that reality check every once in a while.

The news story that struck me today was about a Catholic priest who was being tried for sexually abusing a teenage boy. Unfortunately, this is the kind of story we hear about time and time again. What I could not wrap my head around, however, was the fact that this priest was actually abused himself when he was younger by another priest.

Now, the sensible part of me thinks: Shouldn't this priest have known, without a doubt, that what he was doing was wrong? (Not that there is any good excuse for that type of behaviour) I mean, if he was violated and abused himself, why would he want to inflict that same pain and shame on another innocent person?

And then I think: Cycle of Abuse

But that is such a cop out! I know that I have no real way of knowing what it's like for these abused people. You can say they know no better. But I believe they do. They know first-hand what the abuse does to them, how it makes them feel. To consciously cause that type of grief upon another person is beyond wrong.

Alas, I know that things are never that clear-cut to understand. I could not begin to comprehend what goes on in their minds when they do what they do and then say this and think that again and say such and such.

But the Cycle of Abuse, thankfully, is not always ongoing. A close friend's dad, well, he wasn't so cool towards his wife. Does this mean that my friend treats women like crap 'cuz "that's all he knows?" Heck, no! He could never do anything like that. "(He) will never be like (his) father." And I couldn't be more proud of him for that.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003


I had a wonderful lunch hour today. So calm. So relaxing. I didn't spend a single dime. Well alright, I bought a Toffee Nut Latte and donated 2 bucks to the Devonian. But otherwise it was perfect. Just me, my lunch, my book, and the beautiful Devonian Gardens.

The Devonian Gardens are one of those things that you completely take for granted on a day to day basis. I walk right under it day after paper-pushing day. I haven't spent some quality time there in years.

As soon as I got there I strolled around for a bit. There are a lot of areas I don't remember. I just remember the statue of the dog, the fish ponds/falls, and the little stage.

I loved that stage when I was a lil girl. I think everybody has childhood pictures of them dancing around on the stage. I was no exception. My parents were my captive audience, sitting on those tree stump stools. And I danced my little heart out for them like an itty bitty clown.

That stage still didn't lose its appeal once I entered into grade school. I remember a kindergarten field trip to the gardens. Mom was a volunteer supervisor for the trip, and I was wearing this happy yellow dress with an electric pleated skirt. Those electric pleats looked amazing when I spun around. This I learned upon resuming my special spot on that stage, this time twirling around like a little whirling dervish. My trance was broken, however, when Karate Kid started laughing at me. Apparently I was spinning so fast that, if you were to get down on your knees like Karate Kid did, then you could see my underwear. Boys! Honestly!!

There was a pretty gazebo next to the stage with some ivy and lights all around. Looks like they were getting ready for another wedding ceremony. While I wouldn't get married in the gardens, I thought about how kitschy it would be to share my first dance with my husband there. And both of our parents and all our family and friends could be our captive audience on those crazy tree-stump stools. However, that would throw my other lil wedding plans all askew.

I'll take you places you ain't ever been

Trying to avoid shopping while waiting for Daisy to meet me downtown, I plucked up one of those free reads to pass my time. While sorely missing my weekly dose of Savage Love on the weekly STRAIGHT, FFWD just doesn't cut it. Anyway, since I had already read FFWD for this week, I came upon a different read: WHERE Calgary. WHERE is all about "Shopping, dining, entertainment & maps" re: my fair city. Perusing through this lil gem, I came to realize how much I appreciate C-spot for all it has to offer. Sure, there's not much to do late at night if you don't want to go dancing, drinking, or eating...but I'm certain that will all change in due time. And I will be there to witness its metamorphosis.

Upon getting home, I decided to be a big geek and highlight all the Calgary attractions and venues that I have come to experience thus far. I was further impressed by my highlighted list of culinary experiences I have enjoyed. For now, here is my take on the establishments I knew off of the WHERE 2002 Most Memorable Meal Award list.

  1. Smuggler's Inn: A runner-up in the Best Brunch category. This has always been a favorite amongst my family and all our close friends. I dragged my friends there for our recent Christmas get-together. While I was disappointed in the new re-configuration of the restaurant, their food never ever disappoints me. At $12.95, their price is competitive with a lot of the other brunches running in the city, but the value is unsurpassed in my opinion. Not to mention that the seating is more intimate and quiet. It doesn't get any better than that.

  2. Calgary Tower: A runner-up for Most Romantic. While I wasn't up there with romance in mind, I can definitely see how it would be romantic. I recently had the pleasure of joining Daisy and Lethal and Daisy's family at the top of the tower to celebrate Daisy's university convocation. It is a shame that the tower has been overshadowed by several downtown skyscrapers. Like several towers around the world, the Panorama Dining room revolves an entire 360 degrees per hour. While it is a bit disorienting coming and returning from the bathroom :o) the food there is exquisite and should definitely be reserved for those special nites out on the town. And for tourists? They provide the best regional ingredients within the most delectable offerings.

  3. Good Earth Cafe: Runner-up for Best Cafe/Bistro. We've been going there since the unifriends were still a unified foursome. I recently went back there after the Christmas brunch and nothing has really changed, and that is definitely not a bad thing. Gotta love their steaming mugs/bowls of hot mocha. And that chicken salad sandwich? Yummy.

  4. The James Joyce: Runner-up for Best Pub. It was too noisy for my taste, but hey, what else can you expect at a pub? The food was a bit classier than your typical pub fare, but it was worth the extra coin.

  5. Joey Tomato's: Winner for Best Casual. The NE location was the venue for our Christmas get-together last year. Food was great and the round table was excellent so that nobody got left out of the conversation. I appreciated the coziness of the NE Joey's. The one in the SE, however, is pretty noisy. Not only that but the design is fairly bare so there is nothing to really absorb or muffle any of the noise. Food is still good in the south.

  6. Earls: Runner-up for Best Casual. In general, I find Earls food overpriced and their menu offerings completely lacking. At Earls Tin Palace it's a completely different story. I love their Martini Nights on Fridays. We've been on several occasions. Their food, while still not very imaginative, is wonderfully prepared. I like the Tin Palace so much, I gave Civic a gift-certificate for the Palace as part of his Christmas present. However, it wasn't my intention for Daisy to get a free martini out of the deal. *slightly jealous her friends went without her*

  7. Moxie's: Runner-up for Best Casual. Another unifriends standby. Gosh, I miss the days when the 4 of us would shoot the breeze with a White Chocolate Brownie shared amongst us. Their Philly Cheesesteak (one of my fave sandwiches in the world) is pretty good here as well. And their bellini is the 2nd best one I've found in the city thus far.

  8. Peter's Drive-In: Runner-up for Best Bargain. Now, any Calgarian worth their salt ought to know all about Peter's Drive-In. I even had a conversation in Toronto (opposite end of the country) with this couple who did a cross-Canada roadtrip to Vancouver and felt compelled to stop by Calgary to sample what the hype is all about. Their burgers aren't the best I've ever had, but they're far from being the worst. Their shakes are sooooooo good. A couple words for Peter's rookies: 1) Expect long lineups and traffic on weekends and lazy summer days. 2) Their large fries can feed a family of 4. Order as you see fit.

  9. Perkins: Runner-up for Best Bargain. I don't think this should count since it's an American staple but I can't argue with the value. We've ended up there numerous times on a late night. Their food is always good, price is always right, and service is always terrific. We never have to wait to get seated, it's a lot quieter than Denny's, and it's just plain closer to home. Not that I don't enjoy Denny's, but this is Perkins shining moment.

I'll leave you all with that for now. Next time I get around to it I'll talk about my personal finds which I feel have been sorely overlooked.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Token of Affection

Hose Monster mentioned the whole commercial Valentine's Day holiday thingie. I agree with him wholeheartedly. I resent being told how to act, how to feel, much like a puppet.

However, that being said, I still love the holiday decor. I love the reds, I love the pinks (not together, mind you), the chocolate, the stuffed animals, the cinnamon hearts, the candy conversation hearts. I love the pajamas, the pampering, the whole princess treatment.

But, come on, people! Why must all this go down on February 14th? Why can't it be any other day?

Unfortunately, there is no undoing the commercial brainwashing. More than a few peoples' feelings would be hurt if they didn't get some form of adoration/attention on Valentine's Day. I think I would even have to include myself in that category. *ashamed* It would mean so much more on any other day, though.

A coworker is going out for V day on the 13th with the girl she's seeing. "Genius!" I told her. There will be less of a mob at the movie theatre. If they choose to go to dinner, they'll receive better service from the staff who will have more time to attend to them. What an excellent strategy she has! Not to mention, her girl is going out on a date on the true Valentine's Day with a guy she's seeing. If her date with the girl goes well the night before, then this dude will have a whole lot of expectation to live up to.

Happy birthday, J, wherever you are at the moment. *lol*

Happy birthday, auntie Cely!

Awwwww yeah

Mr.hottie-boy was working today. I am soooo grateful 'cuz I had an 8 hour shift today and 6 hours yesterday was mind-numbing enough. He made time go that much quicker. Who knows why? Perhaps he has super magical powers.

Mmm, yeah, I'll bet he does.

For some reason, it seemed like practically the entire department under the age of 25 was working. Which did not bode well in my favor. Competition! However, I guess he is such a recent recruit that he is one of mine and D-Girl's best kept secrets. The Jewellery girls didn't know him, and B-Girl didn't know about him until later that day.

B-Girl was packing up a transfer for another store.

D-Girl: I think you should let Leah take that up.

B-Girl: Nah, it's no big deal, I'll take it up.

No. You really ought to let Leah take it up.

So naturally, B-Girl was perplexed as to why all of a sudden I had been given the role of "transfer-taker-upper." We filled her in as best we could, which didn't really do much. We still have no name for the guy and all I could contribute to the conversation was how hot he is and what physical attributes he possesses which, combined, create that hot je-ne-sais-quoi.

Mind you, she figured it all out at the end of the day. I was headed into the cloak room just as he was leaving when I hear B-Girl from within...

"That has GOT to be him!!!"

I join the crazy hysteria in the cloakroom, completely embarassed. At least they all agree that he's so absolutely yummy. Now all the Jewellery girls know of him and his reputation of sexayness will spread throughout the store like wildfire.

Damn. Let the games begin.